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“Faszination Schnitger-Orgel”
Fascination Schnitger Organ

Hanseatische Orgelschätze aus vier Jahrhunderten
Treasures of hanseatic organ music from four centuries

Karl-Bernhardin Kropf at the Schnitger Organ of St Pankratius Neuenfelde (1688, II/34)

This disc is adocument fo the organ in its presen state. The widely modern tuning system gives distance to the original baroque sound of 1688, but it makes it possible to play music from more recent epoques.
For the first time, works of the 19th and 20th century have been digitally recorded on this organ. Every epoque which has brought modification or restoration to the instrument is represented:

2nd half of 17th century:
Bach, Buxtehude, Hanff,
Lübeck, Weckmann
18th century:
(Bach, Lübeck,) Druckenmüller
First half of 19th century:
Second half of 19th century:
First half of the 20th century:
Distler, Micheelsen
2nd half of the 20th century:


Playing time 69 minutes, booklet german/english/french with 32 pages.
recording and mastering: KBK
Availabale at major CD distributors

Audio sample (2’ 47’’) with short cuts from various pieces: 128.mp3


“Die Kunst der
Orgelimprovisation” –

(The art of organ improvisation)

Karl-Bernhardin Kropf improvisiert an der Marcussen-Orgel der Domkirche von Odense (Dänemark)

Live recording of a concert on July 18, 1997 in Odense Cathedral. KBK improvises on the Marcussen organ (1965, IV/56) on Danish themes (a. o. Symphonie, Variations, Passacaglia and Fugue)

51’, Kat.-Nr. 00061, IFO records Mainz

Audio samples:

Finale on “Hvor skoven er dog frisk og stor”

Theme and Duo from the Variations on “Op til Guds hus vi gå” www.edition-kbk/audio/duo.mp3


“International Christmas Carols”

Jana-Christin Walter (soprano)

Karl-Bernhardin Kropf (Schnitger organ of 1688, arrangements, sound design)

Maybe the first commercially available multitrack recording of a baroque organ, forming a still somewhat traditional background combined with unheared sounds and electronical alterations of natural sound material, accompanying the light voice of Jana-Christin Walter.

Audio sample: demohi.mp3


“Spirits – Live im Seegarten”

“Spirits” in their original duo line: Jürgen Volbeding (sax, fl, a. o.) and KBK (p, synth) recorded live in July 1999 in the “Seegartengalerie” in Garding, Germany; mostsly improvised music with roots in Jazz, Ethno, Meditation etc.

Audio  sample:


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