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The Sauer Organ of St. Mary’s church, Rostock

The Arp Schnitger Organ of Neuenfelde


The Arp Schnitger Organ of Neuenfelde

From October 2000 to June 2007, Karl-Bernhardin Kropf was organist of the lutheran St Pankratius church of Neuenfelde, Hamburg, Germany. The organ there was built by Arp Schnitger in 1683-1688. Schnitger became member of this parish, after he married Gertrud Otte. He lived and worked here from 1705 until his death 1719. The grave of this man, who can be attributed without hesitation to have been the greatest master of organ building in northern Europe, can be found in the church, close to the north entry.
Of his approx. 170 works, only about 30 have survived. The Neuenfelde organ is, with its 34 stops on two manuals and pedal, his largest two manual design. Since the Hamburg-Lübeck Organ Convention of 1925, historic organs have been put into focus again. Neuenfelde, like many other locations in northern Germany, has becoma a place of pilgrimage for organ enthusiasts from all over the world. Since 1952, a regular concert series has been organized, which is now on of the oldest programs of his kind in the Hamburg region.

To spread the knowledge about the meaning of this instrument, and certainly, to protect the church from damage caused by the extension of the runway of the nearby Airbus factory, an international campaign was launched in 2000. Within three years, about five hundred organists and organ experts and some of their organisations, coming from four continents, have signed the appeal to the Senate of the City of Hamburg, which asks for utmost care in deciding if and how the runway should be extended.
Unimpressed by the decelopements of that issue, the organ is frequently played and heard. After 30 years, the time has come for another thorough restoration of the famous instrument. Audio and video recordings for the benefit of that project have been produced.

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