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The Sauer Organ of St. Mary’s church, Rostock

The Arp Schnitger Organ of Neuenfelde


Press reviews

Norddeutsche Neueste Nachrichten, September 2009:

“Karl-Bernhardin Kropf did not restrict himself to express his momentary mood with flourishing phantasy. He has scheduled several musical forms to be filled with melodies, given by the audience. Then he improvised on this melodic material in form of a baroque concerto, an early romantic sonata or an early baroque chorale fantasy. This was even more then musical fantasizing, it nearly was ad-hoc-composing following given material. It was extremely impressive because of his musical creativity and the technical variety which was shown when he presented his organ, but certainly because of the necessary profound musicological knowledge and the width of the mental horizon, which are necessary for imprivsing in such a manner.”

Organist’s Review, November 2004:

“The playing is persuasive and always interesting, so do consider buying this unusual disc...”

Musik und Kirche, 6/2004:

“Thanks to Kropf’s creative way of playing, the organ sounds very acceptable in its present state.”

[on the disc “Faszination Schnitger-Orgel” (Fascination Schnitger Organ)]

Orgel International, 5/2001:

“This disc does not only offer the recording of an improvisation concert, which might be worth to be heard again, but also an organ portrait, which the organ builder could not have imagined to be made more loving and artistic.”

[on the disc “Die Kunst der Orgelimprovisation” (The Art of Organ Improvisation)]

Heidenheimer Neue Presse:

“There are not many organists one would like to listen to for an hour of improvisation. Kropf has proven that he is one of those few.”

[on an improvisation concert in St. Paul’s Heidenheim, Germany, June 2001]

Musica Sacra 5/93:

“Karl-Bernhardin Kropf was convincing by his stylistic unity and his sensitivity for liturgy. Already the double fugue, played at the end of the first round, made the audience listen carefully. Consequence in motivic elaboration, harmonic conclusiveness and a thought-out texture distinguished his improvisations”.

[on the Competition “Organ Improvisation in Liturgy”, Speyer, Germany, 1993]

De Trouw:

”Kropf convincingly wins organ competition (...) He was also that player that could give his playing musical content over the longest period (...) this  made him the audience’s favourite.”

Haarlems Dagblad:

”That  Kropf finally is being announced as winner is no surprise to the audience. (...) Those who listened to him also in the two selective rounds must come to the  conclusion that he has for three times let hear a solid improvisation.” . (Haarlems  Dagblad)

[on the 41st International Organ Imprivisation Competition Competition Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1996]






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