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The Sauer Organ of St. Mary’s church, Rostock

The Arp Schnitger Organ of Neuenfelde




After first trials, more or less successful, Karl-Bernhardin Kropf received more and more commissions for relatively smaller pieces of music, most of them with spiritual or liturgical background. The works have always been written bearing the needs and possibilities of the customer in mind. But also a personal language evolved somehow, which could be described like this:
The aspect of harmony dominates the aspect of structure; influences come from impressionistic music (consumed extensively during youth) and a certain sentimentality as it is part of southern-austrian or slovenian popular music; modal structures appear here and there, as do elements of jazz.

At the contest “Neue Musik für die Kirche” (New music for the church), Hannover 1999, Kropf received the 2nd prize (1st prize not presented) in the “psalm composition” category.

Music history is not brought forward by his music (but not backward, too!). Currently he is affected by tonal simplicity and historic models, which are to be transferred to music of our time. He likes the organ music of Jürgen Essl, which, in his opinion, opens a way for composing in a manner which is estimated by a broader audience, but is also, without doubt, music of our decades.

Read a list of the commisioned works (there are just very few others) or open some audio samples.

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